Cloudwatch Logs and Lambda Overview in VS Code

Trying to find logs for Lambda functions in CloudWatch is not an enjoyable experience.

Some of the issues that I’ve faced are:

  • Finding the log group is not easy and tends to get harder as more functions are deployed. Also, I don’t remember I ever typed /aws/lambda/service-stage-prefix which is suppose to help with it
  • Searching for logs on the wrong stage (for example dev instead of prod)
  • Constantly matching logged time with my clock (and adding/subtracting hours to match my timezone)

Because of that, I wrote a relatively simple VS Code extension that tackles those issues.

  • Log groups are grouped per project and correspond to a single Serverless service (even though it’s also possible to use it without serverless framework)
  • Stages are shown per function on its own tab
  • Times are shown relative to current timestamp (like “2 minutes ago”)
  • Logs can be grouped per request
  • Log stream can be searched

Note: it works only for AWS at the moment

Click here to download the extension.

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